Bodywork & Wellness Support

Comfort, Confidence & Capabilty

Welcome! We’re glad to see that you’re exploring ways to help your horse or dog live their best life!

When it comes to optimal health, it’s a whole-body approach that we take to support your animals from the inside out. When we address the body as a whole, we can correct any route health issues that can cause dis-ease and changes in mobility and comfort.

Our team is happy to provide you with a range of services and support products that will help your animal’s overall comfort, confidence, and capability.

  • Various hands-on bodywork modalities (WEBB, Equi-Bow, Kinesiology Tapings, Matrix Cellular Repatterning, and Craniosacral)
  • PEMF sessions, sales and rental units (Bemer & Assisi Animal Health)
  • Holistic & nutritional support counselling and products (Adored Beast Apothocary, Clinical Hemp Health & Elite Three )
  • Rehabiliation Support Packages
  • Laser Therapy (Veterinary Guided)